About Me

Luca Ragogna Toronto Wedding photography

Hi! I’m Luca.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer working in and around Toronto including Barrie and Muskoka. I have a beautiful daughter, a huge dog and a pretty smokin’ girlfriend.

I love music. I love movies. I love TV a little too much. I read constantly. Mostly photography and business books but I try to squeeze in some fun stuff. I’d subscribe to 50 magazines if I could but I’d never read the articles.

I love pictures, and paintings. I wish I could go to the art gallery more.

I love shadows, and pools of light. That’s what shapes my photography. I crave great light. Sometimes I have to bring it with me. That’s ok.

My favourite photos are the ones where a couple are looking at each other, holding each other or kissing and for a split second they forget I’m there. They get lost in each other and the world doesn’t exist outside of that embrace. It’s just them.

I will strive to tell your story in a real way. I capture the love and the tears. The moments that slip through unnoticed and disappear quickly.

That’s just good stuff right there.

If you’d like to talk to me about shooting your wedding day call me at 905-252-5063 or email me at info@lucaragogna.ca


Professional Photographers of Canada Member