So the best part of being a photographer is getting to meet and work with really cool people. I first photographed Tessa with her boyfriend Luke, you can read about that here. I have since had the pleasure of shooting her on two other occasions. These are some of the shots from the last time.

This first shot has a mysterious feel to it. Tessa is emerging from the shadows, and is looking at something out of our view. I was able to keep the scene dark and still separate her from the background by using a rim light which gives her some three dimensionality.


For this next shot I used a bit more fill to show more of her face, but I’m still using the rims to add highlights to her hair and face. Also notice how she’s wearing a black shirt against a black background but she’s still separate from the background, where the last shot had her emerging from the shadows. This is just a lovely low key portrait.


This last shot is my favorite. The pose and the expression both exude strength. Tessa is a nurse, and by nature a strong person, both in will and determination.

I love using lens flare in creative ways. Most people avoid flare like the plague but I like to let it happen and then get rid of the flare if I don’t like the results. Check out some more creative lens flare here.


Tessa is beautiful model who’s a joy to work with. I’m sure you’ll see more pictures of her up here soon.




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