Tessa in the cold… again.

l ragogna 31mar09 2065 Tessa in the cold... again.

I’m starting to figure out why so many photographers end up in Los Angeles. In Barrie, Ontario I haven’t been able to shoot outside comfortably for six months now. This winter really dragged itself out. I used the snowblower in April fer crissakes!

Somehow I managed to convince Tessa to come outside with me and we spent a great deal of time hiding from the wind. I got to wear my comfy winter coat and she ended up in this paper thin sweater. Funny how that worked out.

I’m lucky she’s as good a sport as she is pretty.

l ragogna 31mar09 1994 Tessa in the cold... again.

l ragogna 31mar09 2066 Tessa in the cold... again.




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