Fairness and Safety of Real Money Casino Games

Fair play

The honesty of virtual casinos is a widely discussed issue that is extremely relevant for players. Potential wins directly depend on it. Of course, the opinion of gamblers about the moral foundations of casino organizers on the Internet usually is not really high. If in traditional casinos, a player always sees a roulette, a ball, and dealer’s hands, on virtual platforms the user only has a computer screen. Indeed, there is enough space for scams. Nevertheless, customers play at online casinos. This happens due to the fact that the owners demonstrate their honesty to their clients using a variety of methods available to them.

How to Control the Honesty of an Online Casino?

One-day casinos use two main ways to cheat players and create the impression of honesty:

  1. Platforms with foreign casino roots most often demonstrate the reports of reputable auditing companies on the percentage of bets and winnings of customers and the reliability of the developers of the gaming software. This is all good, but it gives the casino many ways to control the winnings of successful gambling customers.
  2. Many web casinos go further and give customers the opportunity to watch the game online with video streaming. However, such a video also raises a lot of questions. For example, the player cannot find out what secret devices are in the roulette wheel or under the roulette table.

Today, the most advanced method capable of ensuring the non-interference of electronic casinos in the results of games is the MD5 algorithm. Let’s learn how it works.

MD5: The Guarantor of Fair Play

The essence of cryptographic algorithms for honesty control in a casino comes to the fact that BEFORE the start, a series of results of FUTURE games is created (a series of numbers that will appear in roulette, or a sequence of cards in a deck when playing gambling card games). In this case, the created series of future results is an ordinary text of a format previously agreed upon and unknown to the player.

Before the start of the game, this document is processed by a special program INDEPENDENT from the casino. For example, such an algorithm is MD5. This is a generally recognized and widely used algorithm in the world. The result is a text called an electronic digital signature. As a result of text processing, a unique sequence of characters is obtained.

After the end of the game, the player can get the source text containing the sequence of numbers that fell out on the roulette wheel or card numbers – in poker. To make sure that no changes were made during the game, it is necessary to process the text using the MD5 algorithm, and compare it with the one that the casino demonstrated to the player before the game. Good luck!

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